App Cloner Premium Mod Apk v1.5.19 [Latest Version]
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Hello Mafias, Wassup? So now what if I tell you that you can have access to dual accounts on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr etc. Dual accounts? What do you mean by that? What I meant to say is that today I am going to tell you about an application that makes exact copies of the already installed or pre-installed app on your android.

App Cloner Premium Mod Apk

App Cloner Premium Mod Apk

What’s New Today?

Today I am telling you about App Cloner Premium v1.5.19 Mod Apk. App Cloner is an app which allows us to make replicas of the apps which are already installed on our phone. The only found difference between the original app and the cloned app is that the cloned app’s certificate is a little change, or sometimes you have to manually change the certificate as YouTube won’t run on your device until the certificate is changed. But I am 100% sure that this will not bother you or stop you from using the app. Am I not smart enough? Yeah! Thank You. FilmoraGo Pro Apk.

Features of App Cloner Premium:

  1. App Cloner lets you create and install multiple copies of your pre-installed apps.
  2. The apps which got cloned apps will run in parallel and will work independently from their original apps.
  3. Cloned apps will not get automatic updates so you can keep and run, a stable version with the original application.
  4. Cloning is beneficial for simultaneously using multiple login accounts in applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Skype but the real fun starts when you mess around with an app. App Cloner offers multiple options to tweak the new app copy, apart from changing the app name or icon.
  5. For example, you can easily edit widgets or unnecessary permissions, you can disable auto-start, backups or intrusive app defaults.
  6. App Cloner can even extend a cloned app to add new functionality such as password protection, incognito mode with secure file deletion and you can lock an app to consume data over Wi-Fi only.
  7. Just to let you know, Android Wear watch apps and watch faces can typically also be cloned. Is int it amazing?

What does App Cloner Premium Mod Apk have?

  • Use Google Maps in cloned apps
  • Automatically copy expansion files during cloning
  • Make debuggable
  • Can Disable app defaults
  • Disable auto-start
  • Launcher icons can be disabled
  • Create multiple app clones
  • It also Allows/prevent app backups
  • Allow apps to be installed on the external SD-card
  • Facebook Messenger cloning can be done
  • WhatsApp cloning is allowed
  • Clone watch apps or watch faces
  • Save or share cloned apps
  • Exclude app from recent
  • Rotation lock is present
  • App permissions can be removed.
  • Assist app can be made.

Download App Cloner Premium Modded Apk

Here is the download link for App Cloner Premium v1.5.19 Mod Apk.


The download is very easy. Just link on the link given above and press OK on your android mobile, and you are done. SIMPLE

How to Install?

After downloading the app, just follow some on-screen instructions to install the app. Make sure to check or tick the permission to download from external sources as some android mobiles don’t allow any external app to get installed. But don’t worry. It’s absolutely safe. AZ Screen Recorder Premium.

Here are some screenshots which will help you understand it:

App Cloner Premium Mod Apk

How to clone or duplicate installed apps

Cloning android apps is now very easy. Using the App Cloner Premium APK you can clone any of Android Apps. Now follow my The Guide to know how to clone Android Apps like WhatsApp, FB, Or any other Android Games.

  • Download and install the App Cloner app from Here.
  • Open App Cloner and select the app you want to duplicate.
  • The first two settings are the most important. For the “clone number”, start with 1. For the “Name”, it’s up to you (eg: Camera 2).
  • Click on the “✔” icon to start the cloning process. When it’s done, click on “install”.

Or You can watch the below video.

Public Review

1st User: works great 👍with the exception that some interactions with buttons from the notifications from a cloned app (aTimeLogger) are causing actions in the app that shouldn’t happen. this is quite annoying😐. It also happens that app data is lost because the button press in the notification is wrongly in…

2nd User: I just installed it and now I can use two accounts in one phone. Apps are running smoothly. Thanks, guys. Great work.

3rd User: I have been using App Cloner Premium for a long time. I access WhatsApp. Whenever I update the WhatsApp through Playstore. I have verified my phone number for the Second WhatsApp in Parallel Space. I don’t mind verifying. But the problem is I keep on losing data i.e. chat history. Please see to that. Els…


I hope I have provided you with a detailed article about the App Cloner Premium v1.5 Mod Apk. Make sure to download it and enjoy the amazing experience like never before.

Thank you for taking out time to read my article.

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