Octopus Mod Apk: Do you want to play android games with PC controls? If yes then you easily do this very easily. You can connect a keyboard & mouse, gamepad, to play games on your android phone. All these things can be done with the help of an octopus mod apk. This is one of the best android gamepad applications which supports almost all the games. It also has many other powerful features.

Octopus Mod Apk

Octopus Mod Apk supports all the android devices which support the Android operating system. If you have a device that supports the android operating system then you can run this application easily on that device. There is no root require or any kind of activation. Just connect other devices with few clicks. As I say octopus supports all the games and apps. So you can do whatever you want to play. You can connect these devices to play games such as gamepads, keyboards & mouse.

It has different modes for various games such as if you want to play MOBA games then it has smart casting mode. And some special modes for specific games such as shooting mode. Basically you will see 2 modes gamepad, keyboard and some other modes for different games. You can play PUBG on your mobile by using a keyboard or gamepad mode. So that it will increase your gaming performance.

Now let me tell you why it is important. For some people, it may not be important but for me these kinds of applications are important. Because I can play games better with PC controls not on a smartphone. There are no good controls on the smartphone so I can easily play games on PC with the help of keyboard and mouse. It makes my gameplay easy and effortless. So you should also try this application and connect the keyboard & mouse anything you want. And check your performance with it.

It also provides you screen recording feature to record your gameplay. There is a ram cleaner to clean the ram to memory to run the game more smoothly. If you want a fake location then it also has this feature. You can enable the fake location feature. So that it will protect your real-time location.


octopus mod apk screenshots

How to install Octopus Mod Apk?


Is it safe to use Octopus Mod Apk?

Yes, It is safe and free from any kind of malware.

Can we use Octopus on iPhone?

No, Right now it is only available for android devices.

Does it contain advertisements?

No, it does no contain advertisements.